Instructor: Dr. Kisha Tracy
Fall 2017
ENGL 3030

What Will We Learn?
At the end of this course, successful students will be able to:
  • recognize and articulate the characteristics and transmission history of a variety of literary traditions in different time periods and locations;
  • read works of literature closely and thoroughly;
  • demonstrate an understanding of the historical and cultural contexts of literature;
  • engage with the detailed research process and apply information literacy skills effectively in a variety of contexts;
  • analyze the value of scholarly sources and demonstrate this analysis through reflection and its use as evidence in written and oral communication; and
  • develop and support insights effectively through written and oral communication, particularly via essay and public wiki.

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Make this an enlightening space to discover medieval literature.

The Middle Ages is as alive today as it has ever been. We see popular images in movies, literature, media, and even in everyday speech. But what was the time period really like? And why are we so fascinated with it? This course, through a study of a variety of texts and discussions about culture, religion, and history, will explore the rich and sometimes surprising medieval imagination. At the same time, we will examine the accuracies as well as the errors in current perceptions.

Along the way, we’ll look at works ranging from plays to farces to adventures to historical chronicles, creating a vivid image of this complicated, intriguing world. We will analyze films, enjoy recorded interpretations, and debate our individual readings. Hopefully, by the end of the semester, you will feel comfortable articulating your individual interpretations and voicing your agreement or disagreement with other readings in a logical and persuasive way by identifying significant themes, stylistic choices, characters, and passages from texts.