To be completed after signing up for Wikispaces AND joining the site (see Instruction Guide) - signing up/joining is due by the beginning of 9/11 class.

1) After reading/going over syllabus, fill out the Syllabus Statement of Acceptance.

2) Read through Rules of the Wiki.

3) Accept these facts:
  • If there is something hyperlinked on the wiki, it's probably for a reason. Click on it!
  • When I create the syllabus and transfer pages on the wiki over for the new semester, I don't always catch all of the links to update. Also, links break regularly. If you find one that hasn't been updated or doesn't work, let me know. We shall laugh, I'll fix it, and then we'll move on with our lives.
  • This is New England; it will snow. I am human; I will be ill at times. It is highly likely we will miss some class meetings. We will adjust, do some work on the wiki, and move on with our lives.
  • Sometimes, activities or discussion will take longer in class than we expected, which means that we will not get to everything that day. I will adjust the Course Schedule, and we will move on with our lives.
  • Technology is wonderful...until it doesn't work. Something - probably several somethings - will go wrong with our technology in this class over the course of the semester. Do not work on it for hours in frustration (actually, don't do that with anything - just talk to me). Let me know (usually via email and/or the Facebook group), and I'll give you (and perhaps the whole class) an alternative. Then - guess what? We will move on with our lives.
  • At some point, you are going to open up the wiki to do some work and an Edit or Discussion Post button won't appear. You will be very confused. The first thing you need to do IS MAKE SURE YOU ARE LOGGED IN to the wiki. You will probably forget this, and you will send me a frantic email. I will tell you to log in, you will be embarrassed, we will laugh, and then we will move on with our lives.
  • Essentially: don't sweat the small stuff, go with the flow, and ask questions.
  • If you don't have your book out (or the text up on an electronic devise) at the beginning of class, the assumption is that you have not read. Don't let that happen!
  • The Course Schedule is your friend. Befriend it!

4) Go to Professionalism assignment.
  • Read assignment, especially rubric.
  • On that page, write a Discussion Post response to the rubric. (With what will you struggle? How do you intend to meet the criteria on the rubric?)

5) Go to Getting to Know You.
  • Fill out form.

6) Go to Goals for Course.
  • Think about the goals you devised on the first day. Now, think more carefully about them and add to them.
  • List three to five goals that you hope to achieve by taking this course.
  • These should be specific goals of what you hope to learn. "To complete a requirement" and "to do well" are general goals that everyone has, so think more about what you truly want to achieve.
  • Once you have written your goals, rank these goals in order on a 1-5 scale (1 being most important to you).
  • Responses are anonymous.

7) Join Facebook group.
  • Take note that Daily Activities will be updated on the Facebook group after each class, noting in-class activities and any assignments given, including anything assigned in class. If you miss a class, this is where you go to catch up.
  • To join, click on the Facebook group.
  • Click Join and wait for approval from me.
  • Also, click on Notifications so that you will notice when there is a post.

8) Introduce yourself by posting to the Facebook group.
  • Chat with other students who also post - get to know each other!
  • In addition to introducing yourself in your post, include your thoughts on the articles below.
  • Take note that participation in the Facebook group throughout the semester does count towards your course Participation grade. It can only help, not hurt, you.
  • Also note that this is an excellent place to ask questions - about assignments, readings, the technology if you are having trouble, etc. Dr. T monitors the page

9) Read:

10) If you finish with all this, take a look at Dr. T's page: Tracy, Dr. Kisha
  • Browse through the information and news links.
  • Leave a Discussion Post to Dr. T with a question, observation, comment about a news link, etc.

11) When everyone is ready, we will move on to the major course assignment: Medievalist for a Semester (look ahead if you have a chance; please read ALL checkpoint links).
  • Feel free to start work on completing Checkpoint 1 of Medievalist for a Semester if you are comfortable.