Margery Kempe

September 20th- Choose text

September 21st-Read text for the first time

September 23rd- Read text again

September 27th- Read text again and write summary

October 2nd or 4th (whichever works better)- Meet with Librarian and start research

October 5th- Start critical analysis of the reading, do more research

October 8th- Finish critical analysis, research

October 12th- Tie up loose ends on checkpoint 2

October 13th- Checkpoint 2 due (Pass in early because Friday afternoon leaving for the weekend)

October 16th through 23rd – work on annotated bibliography

October 24th through November 4th – Reflection and query

November 6th- Checkpoint 3 due

November 8ththrough 19th –Abstract

November 20th through 27th –annotated bibliography and argument against

December 1st through 15th- Write the journal article in its entirety. At least 1 hour a day spent writing and editing, more on the weekends. Finish writing by the 13th, allowing 48 hours for final touch ups.