Checkpoint #1 (to be completed on your Medievalist for a Semester page)
Due: September 20
Checkpoint outcomes: Students will be able to…
  • prepare preliminary organization for a research project and
  • choose a broad topic of interest (here, a medieval text).
  • Read through all checkpoints
  • Create your Medievalist for a Semester page (see Instruction Guide on how to create a page)
    • Title: your last name, first name (Example: Tracy, Kisha)
    • Be sure to tag with "student" when you create it (allows it to show up automatically in navigation bar to the right)
    • Once you have created your page, be sure to organize it clearly, including marking where each Checkpoint begins (bolded headings, colors, and/or lines are encouraged)
  • Read list of course readings and descriptions: List of Readings/Descriptions
  • Choose text(s)/author and declare choice on your personal page
    • If having difficulty choosing a text, see Dr. T in her office hours or make an appointment
  • Read chosen text(s) before class on September 25th
  • Bonus: create a proposed research calendar (including goals, such as conference submission)
Medievalist for a Semester page created correctly
Text chosen/declared on personal page

Proposed research calendar
Up to 5

Suggestions between Checkpoints
  • Schedule an appointment with Dr. T
  • If you have questions about research, do not forget to contact a librarian: Research and Citation Help