Checkpoint #2 (to be completed on your Medievalist for a Semester page)
Due: October 13
Checkpoint outcomes: Students will be able to…
  • demonstrate the characteristics of an effective Annotated Bibliography and correct MLA-style formatting;
  • articulate the process of exploratory research;
  • read a text carefully in order to be able to summarize pertinent details;and
  • select key quotations in a text and express the significance and context of those quotations.
  • Summary of chosen text(s): minimum of 200 words
    • What are the main plot points?
    • Who are the main characters?
  • Annotated Bibliography (click for example of annotated bibliography entries): minimum of 3 entries
    • Citations should be in correct MLA format
    • Reminder: you may need to order from Interlibrary Loan (ILL) if necessary articles/books are not available in PDF form in the databases/in the library
    • Go to FSU Library and speak to a librarian for assistance concerning research methods on your topic
    • Print hard copy of Library Visit Form, have librarian sign (form on wiki)
    • Turn in signed hard copy of Library Visit Form in class prior to checkpoint deadline
    • Annotations should be of a substantial length and include all three elements:
      • Credibility of source
      • Discussion of source's content
      • Usefulness of source (Does it help read the text? If so, how? If not, why?)
  • Critical analysis/close reading (click for example of close reading) of at least 3 quotations from chosen text(s): minimum of 200 words each for the analyses, properly cited
    • To consider in analysis/close readings:
      • What can you learn from the quotation beyond plot and character points?
      • What “bigger” observations can you make that apply to the quotation and to the text as a whole?
      • What implications can be made from the quotation?
      • What questions arise from the quotation?
  • Research groups will be created of 3-5 members to read each other's work and encourage consistent progress (Dr. T will form the research groups based upon readings chosen)
    • Each member of the group should join the class Facebook group (click here). This is a space to communicate with your group, ask questions, etc.
    • This is not a graded component of the assignment, but can be very useful to you. And your groups will be used in class activities.
  • Review classmates' pages/Bonus: post Discussion Posts with constructive comments and suggestions
Library Visit Form (signed hard copy)
Annotated Bibliography entry #1
Annotated Bibliography entry #2
Annotated Bibliography entry #3
Summary of chosen text
Quotation close reading #1
Quotation close reading #2
Quotation close reading #3
Discussion Posts on other pages with constructive comments and suggestions
Up to 5

Suggestions between Checkpoints
  • Check if Dr. T is available to visit your research group meeting
  • Schedule an appointment with Dr. T
  • If you have questions about research, do not forget to contact a librarian: Research and Citation Help