Checkpoint #4 (to be completed on your Medievalist for a Semester page)
Due: November 29
Checkpoint outcomes: Students will be able to…
  • articulate connections between sources and relate them to the research question or topic;
  • willingly offer arguments opposing an authoritative source; and
  • identify and analyze assumptions and/or bias in sources.
  • Schedule an appointment with Dr. T to discuss your Journal Article idea (may do so individually or with research group)
  • Abstract of Journal Article: minimum of 300 words
    • Should include at least these three elements:
      • Summary of your argument
      • How you intend to prove your argument
      • Why your argument is significant
  • Annotated Bibliography: add at least 3 more entries related to your Journal Article
    • Citations should be in correct MLA format
    • Apply previous Checkpoint #2 and #3 feedback on Annotated Bibliography entries
  • Argument AGAINST a scholarly article: minimum of 200 words
    • What is the article's argument?
    • Why do you disagree?
    • What evidence from the text(s) support your reading?
  • Review classmates' pages/Bonus: post Discussion Posts with constructive comments and suggestions
Meeting with Dr. T (Optional)
Abstract of Journal Article
Annotated Bibliography entry #7
Annotated Bibliography entry #8
Annotated Bibliography entry #9
Argument against a scholarly article

Discussion Posts with constructive comments and suggestions on at least two (different from Checkpoint 3) classmates' pages
Up to 5

Suggestions between Checkpoints
  • Bonus: Create an outline of Journal Article (upload to your page)
  • Revisit library for more research assistance: you may turn in another Library Visit Form (may earn 5-point bonus for one additional Form during semester )
  • Show a rough draft to Dr. T and your research group (suggested: at least a week before due)