Syllabus Questions

1) List the course's major requirements.
2) What are Dr. T's office hours?
3) List the required texts (on Course Schedule).
4) What project will be half the work for the course?
5) How many free absences do you have?
6) How many absences will result in failure?
7) How will you receive announcements?
8) What time of day are major assignments due (unless otherwise stated)?
9) What is the penalty for late or incomplete work?
10) What is the definition of "incomplete work"?
11) What is the result of plagiarism or academic dishonesty in this course?
12) If class is to be canceled, what time will you receive news and how will you receive the news?
13) Where can you find the readings that are not in the required books?
14) What should you be doing with your laptop during class?

Identify three more important points from the syllabus.